OpenSpace NYC: Cassini & Messenger Buildathon

See Your Visualizations of NASA Missions on the Planetarium Dome! Calling all 3D Artists, Graphics Programmers & Software Developers, Astronomers & Astrophysicists: Would you like to see your own interactive space simulation running on the Hayden Planetarium dome? Come join our OpenSpace “Buildathon” and be among the first to join the OpenSpace creator community! The
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Osiris-REx spacecraft model approaching Bennu

Osiris-REx Launch Event at AMNH

Today, NASA launched the OSIRIS-REx mission to obtain a sample of the asteroid Bennu and return it to Earth for further study. Scientists chose to sample Bennu, a primitive, carbon-rich near-Earth object, due to its potentially hazardous orbital path and informative composition. On Monday, Sept 12, join Carter Emmart at the American Museum of Natural
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