Osiris-REx spacecraft model approaching Bennu

Osiris-REx Launch Event at AMNH

Today, NASA launched the OSIRIS-REx mission to obtain a sample of the asteroid Bennu and return it to Earth for further study. Scientists chose to sample Bennu, a primitive, carbon-rich near-Earth object, due to its potentially hazardous orbital path and informative composition. On Monday, Sept 12, join Carter Emmart at the American Museum of Natural
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Breakfast at Pluto Event at AMNH LeFrak Theatre

New Horizons’ Media Responses

Our event was a great success with much media attention throughout the world. If you have a news article covering our event, please let us know! First and foremost, the whole event took place in a Google Hangouts that is available online: Youtube Pre-event information: American Museum of Natural History As for the news articles:
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